Posts explained

As well as classifying each blog post by their subject matter (such as ‘Tudor’ or ‘James VI’) I will also assign each post a tag that gives people an idea as to how ‘seriously’ to take it.

Blogging can never replace thoroughly-researched scholarship and I have too often seen people take something they’ve seen on the internet as gospel with no accurate referencing.  As such, through the following hashtags, I will be transparent as to how much work has gone in to each post:

#ThroughlyResearched – these posts will have seen the writer stick their head in the books and have really read up on the topic.   Given that with blogging, speed is of the essence, don’t expect too many of these

#DigALittleDeeper – The author of these posts will have conducted some level of research such as extensively trawling the web or read the relevant parts of books.

#QuickFireThoughts – Occasions where the writer will have quickly put down some ‘first thoughts’ but with the caveat that the information might need checking.

#WildCards – These are fun.  These post are opportunities for writers to test theories that they don’t have evidence for.  As such they should be treated with a truck load of salt – but it’s a good opportunity to ask ‘what could have happened?’